It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of SoberSocial and FamiliesSocial on 31.4.2022.

We really believe in the ethos and spirit of the platform, but it has not been an easy journey to create and maintain and as such we are closing the sites. We endeavor to work with people in recovery locally to find a new way to build peer connection and support so watch this space! If you have any thoughts or feedback, please contact If you want to fill out a survey about online recovery communities, please do so here.

An online peer support platform, offering both the individual struggling with drug and alcohol dependency and the people around them virtual support.

This online support network aims to provide peer connection and belonging to those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction find the road to recovery, whether that’s a calm and nurturing space to talk to other experiencing similar or professional advice and signposting to services that can help.


Chance to connect with peers, support each other and build a meaningful network of people to support you on your journey of recovery.

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Though our team of SocialStaff get specialist support and advice to get grown your recovery

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